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Valuable Contribution to the Unity of Cultures

The Bukrek Publishing House is an important Ukrainian publishing house specializing in a variety of publications. Bukrek mainly produces textbooks for schools that teach in national minority languages, literary works by Ukrainian and foreign classics, as well as works by contemporary authors. The publishing house’s annual output includes approximately 100 editions available in such languages as Ukrainian, Romanian, German, French, English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Gagauz, and Hebrew.

One of the main advantages of Bukrek is that it has its own printing equipment and automated book production line located in the west of Ukraine. The publishing house was founded in August 1992. In fact, it was one of the first publishing houses to appear after Ukraine’s independence.

This company founded the newspaper ‘Bukovynska Reklama’, from which the name ‘Bukrek’ originated. Initially, it specialised in advertising, but later expanded its activity to include publishing and printing. In 1997, Bukrek published the first Romanian primer, ABECEDAR, in Latin script by Serafima Cregan. This edition was presented by the Ukrainian President to Romanian President Ion Iliescu. Following that, the same author published six more editions of the Romanian primer and a set of Romanian language textbooks for primary school.

Bukrek also provides textbooks for schools in Ukraine where the main language is Romanian. And also textbook sets in the Ukrainian language as the state language ordered by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. These textbooks include different levels of learning. From an oral course of Ukrainian and a primer to textbooks for different grades. Ukrainians studying abroad highly appreciate the methodology and accessibility of these textbooks. For example, in countries such as Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

A modern view of publishing

Bukrek also promotes the popularity of its methodology among teachers and students in other countries, including Romania and Moldova, where it is popular. The Bukrek Publishing House has mobile editorial offices that prepare books for publishing in different languages. Native speakers of modern languages ensure the editing of books, rather than diaspora versions.

The publishing house cooperates with scientific consultants from various Ukrainian and foreign scientific institutions. Who helps provide a high scientific level of the published works. In particular, from 2005 to 2007, Bukrek published curricula for the new 12-year education system in Ukraine for schools with minority languages, as well as methodological literature and textbooks.

Bukrek Publishing House has received recognition and awards from various organizations. Which includes the Lesya Ukrainka Award and diplomas from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The title of Excellence in Education of Ukraine was awarded to the CEO of Bukrek. Important achievements of the publishing house include bilingual editions of works by prominent poets and writers. Here you can see Paul Celan, Mihai Eminescu, and Carolina Ilica. The publication of Myroslava Shandro’s book Hutsul Embroidery in Ukrainian, Romanian, and English.

In the future, Bukrek aims to publish the complete heritage of Olha Kobylianska and the historical trilogy of Mykhailo Ivasyuk. The publishing house is also the founder of the Va-Bank weekly and the Bukovynska Reklama newspaper. The publishing house’s important partners are various scientific and cultural institutions in Ukraine, namely: Scientific Institution “Institute of Innovative Technologies and Educational Content”, Institute of Thermoelectricity of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ivan Franko Theatre, Chernivtsi Machine-Building Plant, and Fedoriv Ukrainian Academy of Printing.