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ILF as Your Reliable Partner in the World of Legal Services

ILF (International Legal Firm) was founded in 1994. It is a recognized leader in the field of legal services in Ukraine. ILF is a team of lawyers and consultants who work to make complex legal processes understandable to owners and managers of dynamic Ukrainian and international companies. For instance, their clients are heads of such companies, as Avon, Volvo Ukraine, Westron, SPS Commerce, and others. ILF, they believes that the law should be accessible and comprehensible to everyone. This philosophy permeates all aspects of their work.

The ILF team is always on the move, constantly evolving, and inspired by non-standard solutions. They are not afraid to go beyond stereotypes, but rather see it as an opportunity for new achievements.

Unique strategy

The company provides freedom and professional development opportunities for those passionate about their work. Without a doubt, they are always open to innovation and value honesty in communication with their clients. With over twenty years of experience in legal services, they know how to create the best solutions for business development and protection in Ukraine.

The ILF team is always up to date with the latest trends in various industries. And is able to predict the consequences of changes for their clients. Furthermore, if someone needs to make an important management decision, they provide expert advice and recommendations to help them make the best choice.

Surprisingly, but they do not have one universal strategy for handling a case, and their lawyers model all possible scenarios and prepare for every possible option. This allows them to be ready for any situation and act effectively, regardless of the circumstances.

IILF understands that achieving the case outcome is a collective effort. So, they always explain the legal aspects of their actions to the clients to be always aware of what is happening. Their belief in transparency and client interaction contributes to their high success rate. 98% of cases resolved in favor of their clients.

World recognition

The Legal 500 lists ILF as an internationally recognized law firm in Dispute Resolution, Commercial and Corporate, and M&A. Also, they are one of the top 15 law firms in Ukraine. And a leader in the East of Ukraine according to the TOP-50 Leading Law Firms of Ukraine. Which ranking by Yurydychna Praktyka Publishing House. The Embassies of Germany and Poland, along with the British Consulate in Ukraine, recommend them for cooperation. Moreover, they are recognised as the best company in Ukraine in Commercial and Corporate Law by WORLD Finance. In addition, BestLawyers regularly recommends ILF’s partners and lists them among the top 100 leading lawyers in Ukraine in Yurydychna Gazeta.