July 19, 2024 New York
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How to Innovate and Compete in the Sustainability Industry

Meet Releaf (Releaf Technology Research and Production Enterprise)! It is the Ukrainian startup making waves in the global sustainability game. Born in 2021, this company is not just about making paper; it’s definitely about changing the world, one leaf at a time.

From Idea to Eco-Business Boom

Headquartered in Kyiv, Releaf started as a bright idea in the mind of its founder, Valentin Frechka. In 2018, at just 16 years old, Valentin wondered if leaves could answer the world’s paper problem. Turns out, they were. The prototype emerged after trial and error in his school lab, setting the stage for something extraordinary.

Fast forward to 2022, and Releaf is no small endeavor. With over 100 tons of paper produced monthly, the company has transformed from a local project into an international force.

Innovate, Compete, Win

Obviously, Valentin’s journey wasn’t just about creating sustainable paper but about proving its worth on a global stage. He showcased his leaf-tech for two years at world competitions, earning accolades and gold medals at events like the Intel Eco Ukraine Scientific and Technical Competition and the Climate Olympiad in Kenya.

Following this success, Valentin brought his expertise to Zhytomyr Cardboard, refining his product and gaining industry experience. When the time was right, Releaf was born.

From Leaves to Eco-Bags: The Releaf Revolution

Releaf isn’t just making paper; they’re, without a doubt, crafting a sustainable future. Moreover, the company collaborates with global heavyweights like L’Oreal, Schneider Electric, Samsung, Weleda, and Ariston Thermo, spreading the leaf-tech gospel and exporting eco-friendly products worldwide.

As Releaf gears up to flood the market with their stylish eco-bags, they’re not just selling a product but a lifestyle. It’s more than paper; it’s a movement towards a greener, leafier planet.

Overall, Releaf Technology rises to environmental challenges, showing innovation can sprout from unexpected sources—like the leaves at our feet.