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Venture into the Minds of Emerging Entrepreneurs > Articles by: Nataliia Pushyk

How to Ensure Better Stability and Security in Wartime

Ukraine, like many other countries, is experiencing a severe impact of the war on all spheres of life. However, business is the sector most affected by the turbulent economic environment that brings war. Ukrainian companies face numerous challenges amid instability and uncertainty, requiring creative and strategic solutions to survive and grow. Let’s look at the […]

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How to Choose the Best Neverdark Bio Fireplace

Thirst for fire, external comfort, and environmental friendliness. This are the three key ingredients that make Ukrainian startup Neverdark exceptional in its field. The Kyiv-based company creates genuine bio fireplaces with real flames. Which allows people to enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a fireplace even if they cannot install a traditional chimney or utilities. […]

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It’s simple to turn visitors into your clients!

How do you think: Is it important to track and analyze your visitors? Plerdy claims that this is how you can turn your visitors into buyers! Plerdy is an innovative and multifunctional platform designed for top-notch marketers and business owners who want to increase the conversion rate and usability of their websites. Whether you manage […]

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Darvideo Enchants with the awesome Touch of Magic

Since 2010, Darvideo Animation Studio has been a trailblazer in crafting captivating animated commercials for a global audience. Originating in Ukraine, the studio went international in 2013 and is now a sought-after destination for European and American companies, advertising agencies, and global animation studios. Passion and Priorities: A Digital Way of Life Darvideo isn’t merely […]

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How to Design Awesome Innovative Brand Solutions

So, welcome to NOME Agency, where the convergence of design, strategy, and communication creates captivating brand narratives. Furthermore, the team of experts is dedicated to helping brands discover their true identity and foster meaningful consumer relationships through innovative design and communication solutions. Approach Also, at NOME, they advocate delving into the fundamental reasons behind customers’ […]

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New Intelligent Software Assistant with Seanetix

Founded in 2008, Seanetix has emerged as a prominent software development company, that provides a wide range of services, including web development, mobile app development, and design. Positioning as your personal software assistant, Seanetix takes inspiration from everyday virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa but focuses on solving web development, design, and mobile application challenges […]

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Step into the World of Family Leisure Club

The foreign-invested subsidiary Book Club “Family Leisure Club” has been operating in Kharkiv since 2000. By expanding its activities, the company has become a true leader in the Ukrainian publishing and book trade. The main activities of the Family Leisure Club include publishing, book sales, online projects, and logistics services. In 2015, according to the […]

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