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What Makes ASKA the First Private Insurance Company in Ukraine?

ASKA is the first private insurance company in Ukraine, founded in 1990. Thanks to its long history and high level of professionalism, ASKA has become a recognised leader in the insurance industry. Obviously, the insurance industry plays a crucial role in managing and mitigating financial risks for individuals and businesses. It provides a wide range of coverage, including life, health, property, and casualty insurance, offering protection against unforeseen events. The industry continually evolves to adapt to changing risks, regulatory environments, and customer needs.

To be the best

ASKA definitely underlines its role in the Ukrainian insurance sector. It holds the 12th rank among Ukraine’s largest insurers and features in the top 20 by all key indicators. As a part of SCM, one of Ukraine’s most powerful financial and industrial companies, it demonstrates its financial stability and reliability.

Moreover, the company can also be proud of its experience and achievements in the area of compensation. For example, it has made the largest payouts in the history of Ukrainian insurance, including significant compensation for damage to Azovstal’s blast furnace and the largest payout in the history of Ukrainian agricultural insurance for soybean crop failure due to drought in Bukovyna.

ASKA also carries out a socially important mission by providing health insurance services and ensuring peace of mind and protection for thousands of Ukrainian families. Even before health insurance gained popularity, the team distinguished itself as a pioneer in this field.

The company collaborates with global insurers and is a full MTIBU member. This highlights its capacity for large risks and grants access to international expertise.

ASKA, the Ukrainian joint-stock insurance company, deserves recognition for its contribution to the insurance market and support for Ukrainian families. In 2014, the company relocated to Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia. Currently, VUSO Insurance Company, operating in the Ukrainian market since 2001, is taking over the company, which is ceasing its operations.

VUSO Insurance Company will continue to develop this business by merging the two companies under the VUSO brand.