No biased media

Peak internet and the challenge of news avoidance. News publishers are deeply worried about selective news avoidance

Join us in supporting the OFFZMI organization as we work towards a future where media freedom is protected and preserved. The Round Table event we are organizing will bring together experts and news publishers to discuss the pressing issue of sudden blocking of media by regulators and how to prevent it through the implementation of an early warning system.

In a time when the internet is at its peak and news avoidance is a growing concern, it is more important than ever to ensure that media remains free and unbiased. The Law of Ukraine on Media will also be discussed at the event, as we strive towards a better future for media in our country.

Your donation will be a crucial contribution towards making this event a reality and bring about positive change in the media landscape. With your help, we can bring together the best minds in the industry and work towards a solution that benefits everyone. A free and open media is essential for a democratic society, and your donation will help us make it a reality.

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