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All interested parties are welcome to join us in discussing the Ukrainian Law "On Media". Upon registering, all details regarding the event, speakers and agenda will be sent to your email.

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No biased media

Peak internet and the challenge of news avoidance. News publishers are deeply worried about selective news avoidance


Charity that saves lives

Step change in news media’s coverage of the climate emergency.


People need to know the truth from independent sources

How important news leaders find these ways to counter these news avoidance/fatigue


Protection of human rights

Tech platforms suffer from overreach, hubris, and new competition. Publishers will be putting more effort into TikTok and less into Facebook and Twitter


Free press

Digital subscriptions and bundling offer some hope. Publishers will talk more about their journalistic values. Mission based messaging – a growing trend in hard times?


Development of Democracy

Breakthrough year for artificial intelligence and its application for journalism. Semafor has used AI to animate the Ukraine war, but similar tech can be used for deep fakes


Victory over corruption

Some media companies are still on a journey to become more digital, but that increasingly feels like yesterday’s debate. The next few years will be defined more by how we can transform our digital content into something that feels more relevant and more useful to different groups.


Support for Ukraine

Inflation, uncertainty, and squeeze on spending clouds prospects for journalism


Stop the invasion

Product direction is clear but frustration remains over pace of change. ‘Audience needs’ models help focus development


Punish the aggressor

Format innovation: the shift to audio and video continues


The Fintech Times

Coding Challenge for UkraineThe six teams included in the Hackathon’s final were ATERMON, AtomicLab, CodeDefenders, OffZmi, Sigma Software and SOS Civil Defense Headquarters.

Emerging Europe

It attracted around 30 teams from different countries, which were narrowed down to six finalists, ATERMON, CodeDefenders, OffZmi, Sigma Software, SOS Civil Defence Headquarters and eventual winners AtomicLab.



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