June 15, 2024 New York
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How to Best-selling Technology Business

In Ukraine, a country gradually emerging as the innovation hub of Europe, a true technological renaissance is underway. Genesis is a Ukrainian co-founding IT company founded in 2010 by Vladimir Mnogoletniy and Vasyl Ulyanov. Who stands at the forefront, building global high-tech businesses and also reshaping the lives of millions around the world.

History of creation

The genesis of Genesis occurred in 2010wh. Then Vladimir Mnogoletniy and Vasyl Ulyanov embarked on a journey to not only create IT solutions. The main idea was also construct their innovative ecosystem. Initially founded as a web developer, the company swiftly evolved and expanded, giving rise to successful brands such as Jiji, BetterMe, and Headway. Moreover nurturing projects like OBRIO, Boosters, AMO, and Universe.

A pivotal moment in Genesis’s history was the establishment of the SEO-Angels brand for Internet advertising and obtaining certifications from Google and Yandex. In 2014, the company extended its reach to mobile app development, entering the international market and serving clients from the USA, Russia, Turkey, and Lithuania.


Genesis today

Today, Genesis serves over 50 companies every month and has completed over 780 projects. Which including the development of promo pages, corporate websites, landing pages, online stores, presentations, and more. The Genesis team has also developed 12 mobile apps for major companies and brands.

Genesis’s diverse areas of activity encompass web development, programming, IT outsourcing, advertising and PR, IT consulting, and service maintenance. The company is a certified partner of industry giants such as Google, Yandex, Facebook, VKontakte, and others.

Genesis not only builds successful businesses but also invests in the development of young entrepreneurs and leaders. According to the CEO of the holding, the company systematically identifies talented entrepreneurs at an early stage and provides them with freedom and fairness in terms of financial rewards.

One of the key philosophies of Genesis is the belief that a successful entrepreneur must be systematic, passionate, able to organize processes and communicate effectively with people. Despite this, the company understands that these qualities can be developed through internal training and online leadership courses.

Genesis’s evolution goes beyond being just an IT company; it is becoming an ecosystem where new ideas and businesses thrive. Their partners include well-known brands such as Asus, Velika Kishenia, Velmart, STAR BURGER, City.com, Burda Creative Group, and others.

In a world where entrepreneurship becomes a crucial element of development, Genesis is not just a successful IT company but also a mentor and innovator, contributing to the emergence of a new era in the Ukrainian technological space.