June 15, 2024 New York
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Enhance Your Competitive Edge With BIGID

BIGID Marketing Agency is a leading player in the digital marketing industry, specialising in growing sales for its clients. They use different traffic channels, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and SEO. All of this channels help businesses get more customers and increase profits. According to their data, the average ROI is 1-6 months.

The BIGID successfully completed more than 100+ projects around the world in 6 years. Cooperate with clients from Kharkov, Kiev, Vinnitsa, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi, Poltava, Chicago, New York, Marbella, Astana and other cities

The BIGID team has solid experience in performance marketing in various industries. Which includes real estate, online shopping, offline business, startups, information business, and services. They provide services for setting up and running advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Moreover, retargeting to reach interested users.

In addition, BIGID specialises in creating customised marketing systems that include:

  • market research;
  • website and landing page development;
  • setting up traffic sources;
  • integrating a CRM system to track applications from various sources.

The agency also offers audit services for existing websites to improve their performance and conversion and uses A/B testing to experiment and improve results.


BIGID’s most successful projects are Dipo, Manufaktura, and Parkovyi Kvartal. For example, for the Dipo project, they developed a name, logo, and corporate identity for a new manufacturer of freshly roasted coffee, improving the competitiveness in the market.

For the Manufactura IT Park project, BIGID created a comprehensive online marketing system. Which attracted many targeted applications and increased brand awareness. Also, the agency successfully increased the number of targeted applications for the purchase of apartments for the Parkovyi Kvartal project due to the new Landing Page and systematization of marketing.

Finally, with a team of professionals, their high-tech solutions, and a keen eye for the latest marketing trends, BIGID helps its clients succeed in the market and increase their competitiveness.