July 19, 2024 New York
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Venture into the Minds of Emerging Entrepreneurs > Articles by: Nataliia Pushyk

The Best Decision is Turnkey Business Automation by ABAK

Moder ecomomic system need more and more automation. Because it useful for customers. But also, its ensures transparency of the company’s cash flows, for honest business conduct and government control. ABAK is a leading provider of integrated automation solutions for restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. As well as other wholesale and retail businesses, including supermarkets, […]

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Your Amazing Shopping on the Sofa

Not only is Kasta a fashion marketplace in Ukraine, but it is also a success story that has been unfolding for 11 years. Over time, the company achieved notable results: 700+ employees, 8 million satisfied customers, 350,000 daily online visitors, and 30,000 daily orders. Obviously, these numbers indicate a high level of trust and popularity […]

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Now Avesun is Your Trusted Ally for Unparalleled Reliability

“AVESUN” LLC is a highly specialised supplier and service provider of equipment and software for a wide range of businesses, including retail centres. Since 1992, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable and experienced partner in the fields of automation, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, gas supply, solar energy, and alternative energy sources. Categories […]

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Why do you need State-of-the-art Technologies For More Reliable Solutions

Inter.dev is a globally recognized technology company with a specialization in creating complex software and hardware solutions. They are known for their commitment to turning technological challenges into efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions, earning a reputation for delivering top-notch digital products regardless of complexity. Without a doubt, their team comprises seasoned specialists who possess the […]

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How to Stay Competitive in the Ever-Changing IT Industry

In the context of constantly changing technological developments, companies around the world are looking for the expertise of IT professionals to stay competitive and relevant. For example, one such company making significant strides in this area is OSSystem, a Ukrainian outsourcing company with a remarkable track record in software development, technical support, and product testing. […]

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CR – The Ultimate Alliance in Achieving HR Brilliance

Capital Recruiters Recruitment Agency is a professional operator in the HR consulting market, providing high-quality recruitment and selection services since 2007. The company has representative offices in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, and Warsaw. Which allows them to operate successfully in both the Ukrainian and Polish labor markets. They specialise in: the search and recruitment of specialists, […]

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Valuable Contribution to the Unity of Cultures

The Bukrek Publishing House is an important Ukrainian publishing house specializing in a variety of publications. Bukrek mainly produces textbooks for schools that teach in national minority languages, literary works by Ukrainian and foreign classics, as well as works by contemporary authors. The publishing house’s annual output includes approximately 100 editions available in such languages […]

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