June 15, 2024 New York
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Your Amazing Shopping on the Sofa

Not only is Kasta a fashion marketplace in Ukraine, but it is also a success story that has been unfolding for 11 years. Over time, the company achieved notable results: 700+ employees, 8 million satisfied customers, 350,000 daily online visitors, and 30,000 daily orders. Obviously, these numbers indicate a high level of trust and popularity among consumers.

Kasta’s mission is to delight customers by making online fashion shopping easier, faster, and more affordable. Because, for them its not just a slogan, it’s a principle that defines all aspects of the company’s work.

Moreover, Kasta’s key success factors are not only numbers but also the team. Its employees are a true team of professionals united by shared values and ideas.  The company thrives on a passion for work and a drive for success. Kasta’s culture is not just about work, it’s about boot camp and continuous development. Ambitious plans and challenging tasks are daily activities for the team, always looking for new growth opportunities.

Human resources make it better

Cohesion and mutual understanding are critical components of success in the Kasta team. What’s more, meetings such as stand-ups, WBRs, town halls with the CEO, 1:1 talks, and feedback sessions define the rhythm of the company’s life. These are working meetings and open forums for discussing goals, getting feedback, and solving problems together.

Kasta’s values are not just words on paper.  Without a doubt, the main idea is respect for customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, society, and the state. Everyone has the right to their hypothesis, which is possible with trust. Trust is the backbone that holds the large Kasta team together. Kasta builds trust by giving everyone opportunities with significant projects.

In addition, honesty is another pillar of Kasta’s value system. Quarterly meetings with the CEO and top managers, where achievements, mistakes, and future projects are discussed, establish open relationships. Honesty allows one to call a spade a spade – within the team, in front of customers and shareholders.

Discipline is an integral part of Kasta’s success. A good idea is just the start; discipline turns it into action, teamwork, and success. In fact, every team member understands that a good idea is simply an idea without the right actions.

Continuous development and learning are not just a few words in Kasta’s strategy; they are a way of life. Moreover, the company believes that development comes from stepping out of your comfort zone, finding solutions, and striving to do more. Obviously, that every Kasta employee achieves results and grows beyond themselves, developing professionally and personally.

Kasta is a team of professionals aimed at achieving great goals. Lastly, in 11 years, the company became Ukraine‘s symbol of affordable fashion, shaping its culture and success with core values.