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CR – The Ultimate Alliance in Achieving HR Brilliance

Capital Recruiters Recruitment Agency is a professional operator in the HR consulting market, providing high-quality recruitment and selection services since 2007. The company has representative offices in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, and Warsaw. Which allows them to operate successfully in both the Ukrainian and Polish labor markets. They specialise in: the search and recruitment of specialists, managers, and top executives in such key areas as:

  • IT and telecommunications;
  • law and HR;
  • finance and banking;
  • insurance and logistics;
  • sales and marketing;
  • administrative staff, and many others.

Capital Recruiters’ main advantages stem from their professional team of consultants, boasting extensive experience in recruitment, specialized training, and proficiency in the English language. Also, they boast a large database of around 40,000 CVs and strict adherence to all order fulfillment parameters.


The company’s mission aims to provide assistance in the professional growth and development of companies and candidates. Moreover, helps them become successful and confident in the future, taking a strong position in the market of technological achievements. They make efforts to connect the best candidate with the best company to achieve mutual success.

Capital Recruiters has been successfully developing in the search, evaluation, and selection of managers and IT specialists for leading foreign and national companies. So, they understand the importance of expectations of the tasks and deadlines and accept these constraints to develop HR solutions.

It is stated by the recruitment agency that a pivotal role in any company is played by top managers. Because, they are entrusted with the responsibility of allocating tasks and effectively managing personnel. Also, it can be charting the strategic course of the organization, and defining the objectives that the company aims to achieve. That’s why the company possesses the capability to headhunt and recruit top-tier executives who can bring their extensive experience and expertise to the organization. 

The accumulated professional, life experience and developed technologies allow them to guarantee the quality of the selection of management and technical specialists in Poland and Ukraine. Industry experts recommend the company as a reliable partner in IT and Executive Search recruitment.

The aim of Capital Recruiters is to become a reliable agent and partner for both its clients and candidates. They make efforts to help highly qualified professionals join their clients’ companies. Which finally will improve their business performance in the long run.