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Our Mission

At OFFZMI, our mission is to bridge the chasm between the realms of ideas and realization. We strive to provide a platform where the narratives of budding entrepreneurs echo, resonating with like-minded individuals across the globe. Through insightful interviews and compelling stories, we aim to unfold the myriad facets of the startup ecosystem, shedding light on the trailblazing innovations originating from every corner of the world, with a spotlight on Ukraine’s burgeoning entrepreneurial scene.

Our endeavor is to foster a culture of knowledge-sharing and collaborative growth. By delving into the minds of startup aficionados, we seek to extract pearls of wisdom that could ignite the spark of innovation in others, propelling them towards achieving their entrepreneurial aspirations. Through a blend of enriching content, we aspire to cultivate a community where every story inspires, every failure educates, and every success motivates.

OFFZMI is not just a window into the world of startups; it’s a doorway to endless possibilities. By embarking on this journey, we hope to empower, enlighten, and elevate the discourse surrounding entrepreneurship, contributing to a future where innovation thrives unbounded.

Nataly Kokorina, Founder


Our Values

Founder Interviews

At OFFZMI, we delve into the minds of startup founders to bring forth their journeys, challenges, and insights, aiming to inspire and educate emerging entrepreneurs.

Startup Profiles

We meticulously curate profiles of promising startups, shedding light on their innovative solutions and the impact they aim to create in their respective industries.

Entrepreneurship Education

OFFZMI is committed to nurturing an informed community by providing valuable resources and advice for aspiring and existing business leaders.

Industry Insights

We analyze and present the latest trends and developments across various sectors, aiming to provide a well-rounded perspective to our audience.

Tech and Tools

Explore reviews and recommendations on crucial tech tools and platforms that can propel startups towards achieving their operational and growth objectives.

Networking Opportunities

We facilitate connections among industry experts, fostering a network that could lead to collaborative growth and learning.