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Archeton is one of the best innovative companies in architecture and construction

Archeton is an architectural and design firm which is known for its innovative approach to residential and commercial projects since 1991. Their special blend of creativity and professional skill results in projects that captivate with their aesthetics and functionality.


At the core of Archeton’s mission is a commitment to providing clients with high-quality architectural and design services, creating exceptional buildings that meet modern standards of quality, sustainability, and environmental friendliness.

Comprehensive Services

Archeton team offers a wide range of services:

  • Architectural Design: The firm’s qualified specialists develop individual architectural projects that reflect the client’s desires and needs.
  • Interior Design: They design stylish and functional interiors that create a comfortable environment for living and working.
  • Consulting and Engineering: Archeton’s team of experts delivers invaluable consulting services and support at various construction stages.
  • Landscape Design: The firm also creates landscape solutions for private and commercial properties.

Innovation and cutting-edge technology

The Archeton team remains dedicated to using cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches in their projects. Moreover, they continue to actively explore new ways and make decisions to improve the sustainability and environmental performance of their projects.

Uniqueness in Every Project

To demonstrate, the uniqueness of projects, is necessary to say about the main principals. The main task of the Archeton team is to ensure that each of their projects stands out as a unique expression of the client’s personality. They recognise that every project has its own distinctive features and at the same time their projects meet all requirements.

In addition, incorporating years of experience and a forward-thinking architectural approach, Archeton serves as a distinguished architectural firm. Furthermore, their expertise spans architecture, interior design, consulting, and landscape design, and they steadfastly pursue the pinnacle of client satisfaction through innovation. Besides, Archeton continues to stand as an outstanding leader in their field.

Archeton now

As a result, Archeton now is over:

  • 150,000 dreams realized
  • 1700 points of sale in many countries
  • 120,000 house projects sold
  • 1,000,000 catalogs sold
  • almost 1000 projects in the commercial offer

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