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How Does Innovapharm Ensure the Quality of Their Products?

In the realm of biologically active compounds, one name stands out—InnovaPharm Ltd. Founded in 1993 as IPECS Ukraine, the company was later reorganized into Innovapharm Ltd. in 2001. It is a privately held company leading in special scientific projects. Thus, let’s dive into the world of Innovapharm and explore the innovative services and products they offer.

The Genesis

First, Innovapharm began its journey as a daughter company of SPECS, evolving into a powerhouse of scientific expertise. Innovapharm’s team is mostly Ph.D. holders. Many dedicated over a decade to the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Without a doubt, they bring unparalleled experience in heterocyclic and elemental organic chemistry.

Services That Set Them Apart:

  • Custom Synthesis

Designed to meet the highest quality standards, their custom synthesis services tailor to your specific needs.

  • Screening Compounds For HTS

Offering compounds with purity exceeding 90%, verified through NMR and optional LC-MS checks, delivered reliably within a week

  • Heterocyclic Building Blocks

Elevate your combinatorial chemistry with building blocks boasting a purity of 95% or more, verified through stringent quality checks.

  • Custom Libraries Based on Their Scaffolds

Explore a world of possibilities with custom libraries crafted from the scaffolds pioneered by Innovapharm.

  • Special Stock Offer

Access over 20,000 screening compounds for immediate delivery, with exclusive discounts for orders exceeding 50 compounds.

Commitment to Excellence

Moreover, InnovaPharm is a company that constantly strives for excellence. They undeniably prioritize highly effective products, innovative ingredients, and groundbreaking extracts. Their mission is to help customers consistently achieve their goals.

Quality Assurance

They take pride in embedding meticulousness in their quality assurance protocols. Besides, they carefully formulate each product using scientifically based and synergistic ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Beyond the Norm

Collaborating with partners, they always invest time, money, and effort into researching and standardizing herbal extracts. Obviously, this dedication allows their products to address specific needs based on in-depth research into the chemical constituents of the herbs.

The Future Beckons

Since day one, Innovapharm has dedicated itself to satisfying customers and delivering top-notch products. What’s more, with your continued support, they will persist in releasing products that cater to all your supplemental needs.

To conclude, in a world focused on innovation, Innovapharm shines as a scientific powerhouse. The company consistently pushes the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of biologically active compounds.