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Step into the World of Family Leisure Club

The foreign-invested subsidiary Book Club “Family Leisure Club” has been operating in Kharkiv since 2000. By expanding its activities, the company has become a true leader in the Ukrainian publishing and book trade.

The main activities of the Family Leisure Club include publishing, book sales, online projects, and logistics services. In 2015, according to the Book Chamber, they became the largest publishing house in Ukraine. In such fields as circulation and published books, with a total circulation of 14 million copies. So, this is a third of all published books in Ukraine.

Uniqueness of Family Leisure Club

The company aims to make the best domestic and foreign literary works available to Ukrainian readers. By purchasing licenses to translate and publish the best modern and classic literary works. In this case, they bring books of various genres to the world. From fiction and children’s literature to applied and scientific ones.

The company brings to the market masterpieces of world literature, including New York Times bestsellers. Moreover, works by winners of world literary awards such as the Pulitzer, Booker, and Goncourt prizes. Of particular note are the exclusive rights to publish Stephen King’s books in Ukrainian.

Supporting of Ukrainian literature

In addition, The Family Leisure Club publishing house has created the Stars of Ukrainian Prose and World Bestsellers in Ukrainian. All of them have become a successful platform for developing the Ukrainian-language range in various genres. They cooperate with the prestigious international literary award Coronation of the Word. And they actively support new names in literature.

Futhermore, the Family Leisure Club also actively supports Ukrainian authors and cooperates with various historical and cultural organisations, such as Radio Liberty, Channel 5, the Institute of History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the public education project LIKBEZ. Historical Front, and many others.

Books on psychology, business, and self-development, as well as works that promote creative development, have become a new trend. Anti-stress colouring books for adults and creative sketchbooks have provoked a real boom, and the company is constantly expanding its portfolio to meet the interests of its readers. It a creative decision how to hold on interest of new readers.

The Family Leisure Club actively presents its products at book exhibitions, both in Ukraine and abroad. They cooperate with numerous foreign publishing houses and literary agencies to study and select the most interesting projects for Ukrainian readers.

The company’s club system offers club members expert choice, free catalogues, discounted club prices, a loyalty system, prize draws, and a social network for sharing impressions and recommendations.

The Family Leisure Club is not just a publishing house but a unified cultural community that brings together readers and producers, making the world of literature accessible and exciting for everyone.