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EXIST.UA: Your Reliable Partner in Automotive Market

A car is an indispensable companion in our modern lives. And if you own a car, you know exactly how important it is to have a reliable partner who will help ensure freedom of mobility and safety during car use. EXIST.UA is one of such partners in the Ukrainian automotive market.

History and Achievements

EXIST.UA has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2008 and has a national network of 29 shops located in all regional centres and other cities in Ukraine and online shop. This online shop of automotive products and services has gained the respect of customers thanks to its excellent service and a huge range of auto parts for any car. Business reputation and a dynamic software product are guarantees of the reliability and quality of services offered by EXIST.UA.

Large Selection of Auto Parts and Auto Accessories

Also, one of the biggest advantages of EXIST.UA is the variety of auto parts and goods. You can be sure that in this shop you will find everything you need for your car. What makes EXIST.UA a special company in the market is the ability to select auto parts by VIN code. Moreover, the company guarantees full compatibility of the auto parts with your vehicle, which gives you additional confidence in the quality and compatibility of the purchased goods.

Delivery and Payment

Buying auto products online has never been so easy and convenient. EXIST.UA provides an opportunity to choose a delivery method that is best for you. Most often, customers use the services of Nova Poshta or Night Express. In this case, the average time for receiving a parcel is only 1 working day, without additional delivery charges. Modern logistics technologies make it possible to deliver goods to any location in Ukraine quickly.

Payment is also as comfortable as possible. You can use cash on delivery or choose another suitable payment method. Wholesale customers are provided with separate payment options. It is important to note that all transactions are carried out without prepayment or other unpleasant nuances.

Guarantee and Quality

One of the most important advantages of EXIST.UA is the guarantee for the purchased goods. All customer costs associated with a product defect are reimbursed. Filing a claim is easy, and processing takes place in a short time, even on the spot at the time of the request. In cases of suspicion of counterfeit goods, the EXIST.UA team contacts the manufacturer directly and receives a professional opinion from specialists. Examples of counterfeit goods are shown on their YouTube channel and in the online magazine AutoGuide.

Partnership Approach and Personal Manager

In addition, EXIST.UA provides a personal manager, an expert in car maintenance, who will advise you based on your needs, order the goods, select an insurance company, contact the service station, and arrange a visit for diagnostics or repairs.

Regular Promotions and Customer Loyalty

Unexpectedly, but EXIST.UA holds up to 15 promotions per month, with an annual prize pool of €100,000. Global brands actively participate in promotions on their website, as EXIST.UA is the most visited online shop in Ukraine. The EXIST.UA team is always available on social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and car club forums. Besides, they promptly respond to all requests and resolve any issues from the perspective of the client’s interests.

Summing up, EXIST.UA is a reliable partner for all vehicle owners in Ukraine. With them, you can be sure of the quality of goods, fast delivery, and a high level of service. Be sure that they are always ready to help you keep your car in good condition and ready for any journey.