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Now Avesun is Your Trusted Ally for Unparalleled Reliability

“AVESUN” LLC is a highly specialised supplier and service provider of equipment and software for a wide range of businesses, including retail centres. Since 1992, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable and experienced partner in the fields of automation, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, gas supply, solar energy, and alternative energy sources.


So, Avesun covered really wide specter of different categories. For instance, forestry, agriculture, light industry, mechanical engineering, transport, tourism, trade, chemical production, fuel and energy.
Moreover, at the bottom there are categories such as legal services, advertising, production of sporting goods and much more.

Products and services provided by the company:

  • Comprehensive automation of trade facilities based on 1C: AVESUN offers solutions for automating trade processes on the 1C enterprise platform, which allows you to optimise the work of enterprises and effectively manage resources.
  • Licensed software: The company provides licensed software, which includes a variety of tools for business and finance.
  • Mobile payment terminals: AVESUN supplies state-of-the-art mobile payment terminals that help to conduct transactions easily and securely.
  • Computer and cash systems: The company offers a variety of computer and cash management systems to automate work processes.
  • Scales and weighing and packaging equipment: AVESUN provides various types of scales and equipment for weighing and packaging goods.
  • Data collection terminals and multimedia stations: For easy data collection and processing.
  • Safety and labelling products: The company has a range of safety and labelling products for businesses.
  • Banking equipment: Providing banking equipment to optimise financial processes.
  • Air conditioners, heating systems and ventilation equipment: AVESUN provides comfort inside the buildings.

Also, the company’s services include:

  • Service and maintenance: AVESUN provides support and maintenance services for the equipment to ensure its reliable functioning.
  • Software installation: The company provides installation and configuration of software to optimise workflows.

Summing up, AVESUN is a reliable partner for companies in the areas of trade, engineering, geology, maintenance, and construction. What’s more, over 30 years of experience, the company guarantees quality solutions and a professional approach to every client.