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The Best Decision is Turnkey Business Automation by ABAK

Moder ecomomic system need more and more automation. Because it useful for customers. But also, its ensures transparency of the company’s cash flows, for honest business conduct and government control.

ABAK is a leading provider of integrated automation solutions for restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. As well as other wholesale and retail businesses, including supermarkets, boutiques, fast food outlets, hookah bars, and car washes.

This company specialises in providing a full range of automation services. For instance, they support cash registers, receipt printers, barcode printers, electronic scales, and data collection terminals. They offer comprehensive solutions for automating trade processes in various types of establishments. Which include goods accounting and financial accounting.

Also, the company’s services include the installation of business software, setup of cash registers and fiscal printers, and maintenance of scales, printers, and POS terminals. Their solutions stand out for their user-friendly installation and servicing, intuitive interfaces, dependable and swift data processing, and comprehensive support for all contemporary commercial equipment.

Not only ready-made solutions

ABAK not only provides ready-made solutions, but also offers a wide range of additional services, such as consultations with qualified specialists, pre-project surveys of enterprises, sales of trade equipment and software, development of individual automation systems, and staff training. Moreover, ABAK developed a new service: Turnkey business automation. Which saves less time for the client. This service is in great demand in the area of ​​restaurants and shops.

ABAK is a certified Service Centre for cash registers, fiscal registrars, scales, and banking equipment. They offer warranty and post-warranty services, handle repairs, provide training, and assist with the initial implementation of the cash register system.

In addition, ABAK present for its clients special offer, which includes buying licenses with wide specters of services and supports.

With ABAK, your business will receive a reliable and efficient automation solution that will optimise processes and ensure success in a competitive business environment.